Pensive Services

Public Relations

With a background in journalism, I've seen and lived how the media works. Using that knowledge to your advantage is my goal. Positive relationships with the press results in news coverage and blog attention, both of which will help your business thrive. 

Copy Writing

It's ok ... some people aren't good with words, I am. From newsletter, web and ad copy, to speeches, resumes, press releases; and email responses to your second cousin about why she can't bring her toddler to your wedding. 

Social Media Management

Whether you're looking for a thought-out campaign or a simple daily presence, Pensive can help you utilize new media to get your message to the masses and engage friends, fans and followers. 

Event Consulting

Hey ... where's the party at? Let me show you. Media previews, fund raisers, VIP/customer appreciation night, crafts & cocktails - people are looking to connect on many levels and a little give goes a long way. 


What is marketing these days anyway? It encompasses everything above, as well as brand and charitable partnerships, sponsorship and spaceships. But most importantly, relationships.